About the NovaStar Award


The NovaStar Award was created for one purpose only: to help outstanding companies gain recognition.

In today’s world, the choices customers are faced with are endless. One of the best ways to stand out is to win an award. Award winners and finalists gain tremendous credibility and social proof in the eyes of prospects and customers.

The team at NovaStar Award carefully vets each applicant and scores them based on multiple criteria. Finalists are determined by the high net scores from which a winner is ultimately chosen.

Our commitment is to help applicants gain further skills in promoting their business, irrespective of who wins and who doesn’t. We also commit to judging applicants on their merits; the smallest start up will have an equal (or better) opportunity to win compared to a Fortune 500 company.

With new award categories launching every quarter, the NovaStar Award seeks to quickly gain prominence to becoming the preeminent award for businesses.