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Nova – “A star that becomes a thousand times brighter…”

Think your company or product deserves recognition? So do we! Apply for the Novastar Award today and get recognized as a top leader and innovator in your space.

Why NovaStar?

NovaStar recognizes the countless number of hardworking businesses around the world that deserve recognition for their effort. In today’s rapidly changing world, innovators are finding new ways to improve products and services. Leaders are forging a bold path despite the obstacles and risks. A NovaStar Award or finalist selection is validation for a job well done.

Benefits of Applying

All NovaStar Award finalists and winners have the opportunity to promote their achievement through press releases, social media or on their website. Being selected as a finalist or winner grants a certain amount of credibility to a company, and helps you stand out from the pack. Award or finalist logos ensure your prospects, investors, partners and even employees take notice of your exceptionalism.

Our Selection Process

The NovaStar Award Selection Committee is comprised of seasoned business executives and marketing professionals. We use many different criteria to judge the merits of a product, service, company or person. Any company, no matter the size, has an equal opportunity to win. No matter if you’re a start up, a growing small business or an entrenched mid-sized company, our Selection Committee uses judging factors that give everyone a fair review.